Local Time & UT

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The script reads the system time on your computer, so it should work correctly regardless of your time zone. It will also adjust for Daylight Saving Time. Of course, if your computer system time is incorrect, the times displayed below will also be incorrect. If you’re running an older OS, there are many free utilities that can quickly synchronize your computer system time to online atomic clocks. If your OS is up to date, it probably has this function integrated.

This is your Local Time:

This is Universal Time:

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is sometimes confused with Universal Time (UT), also called Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). For most purposes, all these times are the same. Technically, there is a difference. UT is based on atomic clocks, which are extremely constant. GMT is based on the Earth’s rotation, which is not constant. To keep GMT and UT in sync, leap seconds are sometimes added or subtracted in a calendar year.

If you’d like the Java code for this clock you can download it here: JavaClock.zip