About Sky Lights

Greetings fellow skygazers. Sky Lights is a weekly blog about things you see in the sky (and some you can’t see). That covers a wide range of disciplines including: astronomy, meteorology, climatology, chemistry, physics, optics, earth & space science, and others. We’re also concerned about light pollution, and what can be done to preserve the darkness of our night sky.

Our posts alternate among several themes: “Reader Q&A”, “What’s Up Tonight?”, “Things Skygazers Should Know”, “Debunking Pseudoscience”, “Sharing Amazing Photos”, and “Climate Change”. Content is driven primarily by reader questions and feedback. Comments and Questions are solicited, and each post remains open to C&Q for one week.

All posts include multimedia to help clarify concepts. We try to keep things simple, with a minimum of scientific jargon and equations. We strive to both entertain and educate our readers. Welcome to the Sky Lights classroom!

Who is Sky Lights written for? People who are

  • admirers of beautiful nature photos
  • naturally curious about things scientific
  • students looking for extra credit projects
  • home schooling or just trying to learn something new
  • age middle school to adult (average Sky Lights reading level is grade 7–9)

Dan and his wife Sandi live in the small town of New River, AZ, about 30 miles north of Phoenix. Sky Lights is produced in their solar-powered home office, so you can feel green about visiting this blog — in accordance with the law of conservation of charge, all electrons are recycled.