Why Some Sunsets are Not Red

Not all sunsets are red, and not all clouds have silver linings. Sunsets often go through a progression of colors, starting with yellows and working their way down to deep reds. Conditions were perfect for this image, which nicely accentuates the yellow/gold part of the solar spectrum.

Depending on the amount of dust in the air, and the extent of cloud cover, some sunsets start out yellow or gold and pretty much remain that color until the Sun drops below the horizon and dusk begins. Then the colors fade to black over a period 30-60 minutes (depending on season and latitude).

Farther north, in the “land of the midnight Sun,” near the arctic circle, you can watch the Sun skimming along the horizon and never really rising or setting. The Sun just appears to circle around all points of the compass. Imagine a sunset this beautiful lasting 24 hours.

Why Most Sunsets are Red
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