#4: Everything on your sky charts is shifted compared to your compass labels. Am I doing something wrong?

Sky Lights was originally, and still is, written primarily for Arizona skies. Now that Sky Lights is online with readers from other locations, that can cause a problem with some sky charts. Of course, posts about meteorological phenomena or earth science are “universal.” There are several websites that can compute your exact sky map for any location. See, for example: http://space.jpl.nasa.gov/. But there’s a simple correction you can make to my charts, as long as you know your latitude.

Arizona is at a latitude of 34° north of the Equator. If you’re at latitude 44°, 10° farther north than Arizona, everything in my charts will be shifted 10° south. If you are at latitude 24°, 10° farther south than Arizona, everything in my charts will be shifted 10° north.

Whatever your latitude, posted clock times will be correct for your location. Check the Local Time & UT page on this website. Sunset times, however, will vary depending on your latitude. Here’s one of many online sunset/sunrise time calculators: http://www.calendar-updates.com/sun.asp. All you have to do is enter your ZIP or postal code.