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Thanks for visiting Sky Lights! If you’re reading this, you must have an interest in science. I’ve kept my blog free of popups, banners, and ads since Day 1. My motivation is education. I enjoy helping teachers, students, home-schoolers, and generally curious minds. The only ads you’ll ever see are on this page.

Sky Lights is a production of Heimhenge Enterprises. We also create HD animations, some of which have been down-sampled for use in this blog. The animations you see in Sky Lights are generally 700×525 @ 10-30 fps, but the original versions are in HD (1080×810 or 1080×720 @ 30 fps). Most are in “thousands of colors” to reduce the file size, and that’s sufficient for educational animations. We don’t need “millions of colors” to teach a lesson.

If you’re an educator, you’ll find an entire page of interesting and useful classroom materials available for free at Heimhenge Enterprises. No annoying ads, no registration, and easy downloads. New teachers tell me they’ve found the materials especially valuable. 

We have an assortment of animations, each with Teachers Notes containing detailed information, images, and links for further study. Like Sky Lights, the animations cover the fields of astronomy, meteorology, and earth & space science. They’re priced as “micropayments” at US $1-3 and we take PayPal as well as all major credit cards. Free previews are available. We only recently launched this page, so check back occasionally as we are now in the process of uploading content.

Does Sky Lights helps you teach? Does if help you learn. Do you appreciate pure science uncluttered by ads? If you would like to support this project, thank you for your generosity! Just click on the button below.